What is the Quran?
The Quran is a divine book revealed from God to Prophet Muhammad. Each and every word of the Quran is a revelation from God and has remained unchanged during 1400 years, since its revelation.
The Quran is also referred to by other names such as: Furqan, Mushaf, and Dhikr. It is divided into 114 chapters (Surah) and further subdivided into 6236 verses (Ayah). In the Quran, different subjects are mentioned including: resurrection (arising again from death to life and other universes), stories of other prophets, social etiquette, virtues and vices, Islamic rules and worship.
The Zekra(ذکری) Website
The present version (1.0) contains the text and the translation of the Quran into different languages with features such as audio recitation, bookmarking, and searching. God willing, other features will be added to the website in the subsequent versions.
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