Tafsir de vers (s): [1]
وَالسَّمَاءِ ذَاتِ الْبُرُوجِ 1
¡ By the sky possessed of constellations. 1 For constellations (burūj), see 25:61c. Here the constellations are considered to refer to the stars themselves (Q), the largest stars (R, Z), lofty towers in the sky, or to the traditional twelvefold division of the belt of the sky through which the planets, including the sun and the moon, pass (Aries, Taurus, etc.; Q, R, Ṭ, Z). Owing to a lexical relation to tabarruj (“to display one’s beauty”), possessed of constellations (dhāt alburūj) could also be read “beautiful in its creation” (Q).