Tafsir de vers (s): [4]
تَعْرُجُ الْمَلَائِكَةُ وَالرُّوحُ إِلَيْهِ فِي يَوْمٍ كَانَ مِقْدَارُهُ خَمْسِينَ أَلْفَ سَنَةٍ 4
J Unto Him ascend the angels and the Spirit on a day whose measure is fifty thousand years. 4 Most commentators interpret the Spirit as a reference to the Archangel Gabriel (IK, Q, Ṭ), who is referred to as the Trustworthy Spirit in 26:193. It may also refer to another angel or to the spirit of a dead person when the spirit is taken from the body (Q); regarding the many different interpretations of “spirit” (rūḥ), see 78:38c. A day whose measure is fifty thousand years is understood to be the Day of Resurrection, which will be as fifty thousand years for the disbelievers (IK, Q). When asked about the length of the Day of Resurrection, the Prophet is reported to have said, “He will lighten it for the believer so that it seems to him like less time than it took for him to perform the obligatory prayer in the life of this world” (IK, Q, Sy). Others say that fifty thousand refers to the distance between Heaven and earth (Q). The disparity between time in the Divine or spiritual realm and time in this world is indicated in several places in the Quran (see, e.g., 22:47; 32:5; 97:3).