Tafsir of Verse(s): [1]
ق وَالْقُرْآنِ الْمَجِيدِ 1
¡ Qāf. By the glorious Quran; 1 The letter qāf is among the separated letters (al-muqaṭṭaʿāt) that are found at the beginning of twenty-nine sūrahs and whose meaning is considered by most commentators to be known only to God; see 2:1c. Qāf is understood by many as a proper name for an emerald mountain whose reality encompasses the earth (IJ, IK, Q, Ṭ). This is not a literal physical mountain, but a cosmic mountain that represents the created order as such. Others say that Qāf is one of the Names of God (IJ, Q, Ṭ) or that it represents the Divine Names that begin with the letter qāf (IJ, Q), such as “the Powerful” (al-Qadīr), “the Paramount” (al-Qahhār), and “the Holy” (al-Quddūs). Still others say that Qāf is one of the names of the Quran (IJ, Q, Ṭ). A few commentators say that Qāf is the name of a mountain in Hell (IJ). This is one of two verses in which the revelation is referred to as a glorious Quran (cf. 85:21), which means the utmost in nobility, magnanimity, grace, and glory.